A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Inc.


Severe skin issues and hair loss on chest, belly, legs. With treatment Leila will become the beautiful Shih Tzu she was meant to be.

Rescue, relieve suffering, rehabilitate and re-home domestic animals while educating the community on responsible pet ownership.

Meet Our Team

Lori Mastrantoni

President, Secretary and Treasurer, Adoptions and inquiries - 407-221-1855


Doug Wise

Kennel Technician, Kennel Operations

Heidi Hardman

Vice President and

Director of Outreach




A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill organization with 15 years experience rescuing, fostering and adopting out animals.  With us you can adopt a dog or cat to perfectly fit your home and lifestyle.  Our Outreach Team provides transport from shelters to our rescue ranch and veterinarians and we provide basic pet supplies, food, water, medical care and above all love to our rescued animals.  We are dedicated to promoting kindness and respect toward animals and helping people understand a pet is an important commitment. Please contact Lori at lmasters@cfl.rr.com with any inquiries, rescues, and adoption.  Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE:  At AFHAR, we have helped all kinds of dogs, all breeds and all sizes, however, at this time we are only capable of handling small dogs no more than 25 pounds.  We realize there are so many large dogs that need help and it breaks our hearts knowing they need us.  We currently have several large dogs in our care that need time to heal and be adopted.  Our facility is not equipped to take any large dogs over 25 pounds at this time.  We will post a notice as soon as space becomes available.  Thank you for understanding.  Other resources to try:

  *  Go on-line and look up rescue groups throughout Florida

  *  Your county animal shelter  or SPCA

For a listing of our adoptable pets go to www.petfinder.com or click the adoptable dog list tab above.

Tasha Romero

Senior Volunteer,  Veterinary Transport Operations

Linda Rock

Senior Volunteer


Website Manager

Your donation is deeply appreciated and is tax deductible.  No amount is too small.  Thank you.  Also, you can purchase raffle tickets here.



Rescued from a shelter and did not get adopted due to heart worm disease. Currently being treated.Applications accepted with agreement to treat.


See Trixie's story above.  She needs help!  Attacked by a large dog, owner wanted to shoot her and now needs a leg amputation.

BARKTOBERFEST coming up!  mark your calendar!

Barktoberfest: Our fourth annual Barktoberfest is a rescue appreciation event to celebrate the partnership between Orange County Animal Services and the rescue community. Animal Services works with approximately 70 rescue partners that aid in the recovery and adoption of many homeless animals. This event will have many of these rescued pets available for adoption. Along with adoptable animals there will also be delicious food trucks, pet microchipping, vendors, raffles and more! Saturday, September 27 from 10am - 4pm, Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.

Come meet Spiderman, Petey, Chico, Bree, Arie and many of our other wonderful rescued dogs!


Hit by a car and left to die with two broken legs and a shattered hip. " I'm healed on the outside but need your love to heal in the inside."


    $4,843 raised                                                                                                                                                                                  Goal:  $100,000

A Forever Home Animal Rescue, inc. NEEDS A NEW HOME . . . . .

The owner of our adoption center is selling the property and AFHAR needs to move all of our rescued dogs.  Our Vice President, Heidi Hardman, will match the first $30,000 in donations raised.

  • Our current rescue and adoption center is home to over 25 dogs that otherwise would have died in a shelter.  
  • AFHAR has dedicated volunteers working hard toward implementing a new vision - to open an "Adopt and Shop Pet Center".
  • This innovative pet adoption center will feature puppies, kittens, dogs and cats that have been rescued from euthanasia lists at shelters.
  • The center will also provide spay / neuter services, pet boarding, pet merchandise, and a place for pets and their owners to meet and share.
  • Every 11 seconds a healthy cat or dog is euthanized in US shelters and AFHAR has been working hard to change that statistic.

    Please help us make this vision a reality with your donation today.  Our new facility will save hundreds of lives.

Debi Morrin

Volunteer, Kennel Operations

See Debi's Petsitting Profile on our

"What we Do" tab!

"I need help.  My leg will be taken off and it is very painful and I'm scared.  Please donate for me.


Country Manor Boarding and Adoption   Center, 26135 Bloomfield Avenue, Yalaha,

FL 34797.  Visiting Hours:  11:00am - 4pm,

7 days a week.  If you are interested in boarding your dog, please call for an appointment.  All proceeds are used to

help rescued dogs.

featured dog:  trixie - please help!

There are no words to describe the horrific pain this girl has endured. Trixie was attacked by a very large dog who tore her up and shook her like a ragdoll. For over a month she suffered in agony because her parents would not take her to a vet. When she did not regain use of her front leg, her owner was just going to shoot her. DEAD. Can you imagine??? A good neighbor took her in and called us for help.

Trixie has now been seen by a specialist and sadly will be losing her leg. Better her leg than her life. Trixie has had a very hard life void of love and security. She is understandably anxious in new situations but when her fear is calmed, she is loyal and loving and follows you everywhere. Trixie just wants to know what love feels like for the first time in her life.  Please, please give her that. She has been through way too much pain already. We only adopt out within 3 hours of Orlando and ask potential adopters to please come meet Trixie in Yalaha, fl before adopting. Thank you for wanting to save this little beauty.