A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Inc.


Lived in horrific conditions all his life and finally at age 14 saved by AFHAR.This poor dog's sole purpose was to breed cute little puppies.

Rescue, relieve suffering, rehabilitate and re-home domestic animals while educating the community on responsible pet ownership.

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Lived for the sole purpose of breeding in horrific conditions. Finally has a great home, but has a heart condition so we don't know how much longer he has.


Asia beaten by her owner to the point of breaking her leg.  Her leg has healed but Asia needs to heal on the inside now.  Specific adoption applications will be considered.


Hit by a car and left to die with two broken legs and a shattered hip. " I'm healed on the outside but need your love to heal in the inside."


    $10,100  raised                                                                                                                                                                                  Goal:  $100,000

A Forever Home Animal Rescue, inc. NEEDS A NEW HOME . . . . .

The owner of our adoption center is selling the property and AFHAR needs to move all of our rescued dogs.  Our Vice President, Heidi Hardman, will match the first $30,000 in donations raised.

  • Our current rescue and adoption center is home to over 25 dogs that otherwise would have died in a shelter.  
  • AFHAR has dedicated volunteers working hard toward implementing a new vision - to open an "Adopt and Shop Pet Center".
  • This innovative pet adoption center will feature puppies, kittens, dogs and cats that have been rescued from euthanasia lists at shelters.
  • The center will also provide spay / neuter services, pet boarding, pet merchandise, and a place for pets and their owners to meet and share.
  • Every 11 seconds a healthy cat or dog is euthanized in US shelters and AFHAR has been working hard to change that statistic.

    Please help us make this vision a reality with your donation today.  Our new facility will save hundreds of lives.


Country Manor Boarding and Adoption   Center, 26135 Bloomfield Avenue, Yalaha, FL 34797. 

Visiting Hours:  11:00am - 4pm,

7 days a week.  If you are interested in boarding your dog, please call for an appointment.  All proceeds are used to

help rescued dogs.

Call or email 407-221-1855

A huge thank you to Tractor Supply in Leesburg 

for donating 10 large bags of dog food to our rescue every single month!

It costs AFHAR upwards of $1,000 per month to feed our rescued dogs at the adoption center.  Tractor Supply has allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that one huge expense has been lifted.  We also attend adoption events at the store from time to time.  Stay tuned!

Gracies of Winter Garden has been a huge supporter of AFHAR for several years now.  Gracies offers high-quality foods and treats for pets at affordable prices.  Come visit their store at 220 South Dillard Street, Winter Garden, FL.

Phone:  407-654-6169


Every Saturday from 3pm - 6pm - PetSmart in Winter Garden Village, Winter Garden, FLCome meet our dogs for adoption!

Every first Saturday of the month 10am - 2pm - Tractor Supply, Leesburg, FL

Every other Friday 10am-1pm PetSmart in The Villages (March 6 and 20, April 3, 17)

March 6 and 7 - 10am-3pm - Community Yard Sale, Howey In the Hills, FL - AFHAR will be at Marianne Beck Memorial Library for the sale (112 W. Central Ave)

featured dogs:  KELLY, SAMPSON, REGINA, DIXIE, JIMMY, biscuit

AFHAR's average intake is about 20 dogs per month coming in from shelters, as strays, or owners who can not care for them any longer. Below are 5 dogs who would have died had we not saved them.  If you can find it in your heart to help us help them, please click the donate button next to the dog you want to help and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Here are their stories.

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REGINA:  This beautiful girl was in a home where she thought she would live out her life being loved. Sadly, her family's love was only skin deep.  When Regina developed some cysts, her family immediately dumped her at animal services.  In their eyes she wasn't the "trophy dog" anymore and she no longer fit in the family. On top of that, they never kept her on heartworm prevention and she contracted heartworms which would eventually kill her.

Regina is now in our care and will receive everything she needs to get better and into a committed family who will love her unconditionally as Regina will to her new family.  Is that you?

JIMMY:  This happy go lucky perky little boy was just another victim of careless and thoughtless owners. Jimmy is adorable, loving and fun but that's all he was to them.  He never got vetting, heartworm prevention or even help with his fleas.  Poor Jimmy scratched and bit until he chewed off most of his fur and still got no relief. When the owners found out Jimmy was heartworm positive (no surprise) he was left at the shelter to be euthanized.   Jimmy will need heartworm treatment which is pretty painful but will ensure those nasty worms will be GONE for good. Jimmy also needs a dental and neuter.  

SAMPSON:  This cute little guy has weathered a long road.  He has endured lots of discomfort due to kidney stones that just will not pass.  It has been determined that Sampson now needs surgery to remove them.  He has been quite upset and grumpy because of his discomfort.  We had hoped to avoid surgery as there are always risks but it is time to get Sampson well.

DIXIE: This beautiful purebred Corgi came from a very terrible situation.  Sadly, her owner is very ill and had been living in horrific conditions with a cat, Dixie and another dog reported to be a Labrador Retriever.  The owner was suffering from dementia and locked the Lab in his bathroom and forgot about him.  The dog died from starvation in the bathroom.  Thankfully a neighbor noticed a problem, intervened and brought Dixie to us.  He was able to re-home the cat   Dixie is extremely emaciated and will need vetting.  Check on your neighbors from time to time.  You never know if they are in a desperate situation along with animals in their care.  If you would like to h help Dixie, click the donate button below.

KELLY:  This sweet girl was another victim of breeding for profit and was never spayed.  If a dog is not spayed, they are at risk of getting mammary tumors. About half of dogs diagnosed with mammary tumors will have a malignant form of tumor, which may be osteosarcomas, fibrosarcomas, and papillary cystic adenocarcinomas, amongst others. To prevent these tumors spay your dog. Kelly also has numerous infections and gall bladder issues.  Please help us help her.  Thank you!

BISCUIT: AFHAR could not bear to leave this little old adorable  purebred Pomeranian to die at the shelter.   We know he still has lots of love to give someone, however, we found health problems.  Biscuit is extremely emaciated, anemic and you can feel every rib.  He has a dislocated hip, unsteady gait, is vision impaired, and missing teeth.  There are big pockets where his K9's used to be.  He will only eat people food which possibly explains why he is so thin.  Biscuit loves pizza and bread, and thankfully will eat some dog treats.  Biscuit rarely barks and is very well-behaved.  He is so mellow and a very loving lap dog.  We're looking for someone with a huge heart to adopt him.  He will give someone a lot of joy for the time he has left.  If you can not adopt and would like to make a donation for Biscuit, click the donate button below.

Help us help dogs like Penny, Zina, Styx, Peanut and Taco below.  All these dogs desperately needed our help.